Is There Too Much Room Sound On Your Vocal Tracks?

If you’ve been recording in your practice space or in your home or apartment, chances are the room isn’t acoustically neutral. It takes a lot of work (and money) to make sure that a room sounds (or doesn’t sound) a way that works best for what you’re going to record and you’re (understandably) more likely to spend your money on instruments, mics, and software instead of acoustic treatments. Prioritizing ways to actually write and record always seems like a good idea until you realize that your tracks, especially your vocal tracks, have all sorts of annoying little echoes that don’t work for the songs you’ve been working on. It’s almost impossible to remove these and re-recording them not only takes up a lot of time but will also result in the same outcome.

Those days are now a thing of the past thanks to the Kaotica Eyeball. Made from a special type of foam that prevents sound waves from entering anywhere except for the windscreen port in the front of the Eyeball, our portable sound isolator allows your vocal tracks to be the best representation of your skill, talent, and range that is possible. Think of the Eyeball as a vocal-booth-to-go without adding weight to your traveling rig or taking up all the space in the room you record in.

When you first start using the Eyeball you may be a bit taken aback. As vocalists, we all learn ways to compensate for real or imagined deficits in the equipment that we use or the way that our voices sound. The Eyeball allows you to hear your recorded voice without all of the extra air and reflections (ambient noise) that are captured by a microphone. After using the Kaotica Eyeball you will be able to concentrate on your performance and songwriting instead of compensating for your recording equipment.

You might notice what you think is a bit of the proximity effect on your tracks but it’s much more likely that you’re just hearing the full range of your voice that was getting lost in the room on earlier tracks. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to deal with a little too much low end — just find the frequencies that you don’t like in your favorite EQ plugin and pull them down just a tad. You don’t want to overdo it, though. Once your voice is paired with the rest of your instruments you’ll probably notice how much better your voice sits in the mix with its newly-captured clarity.

Pick up a Kaotica Eyeball today to see how much better your vocals can sound with our mic isolation shield!

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