Record Anywhere With The Kaotica Eyeball

One of the great things about the world we live in is the proliferation of technology that allows us to do things whenever and wherever we want, and one area this is most true is when it comes to recording. Thanks to USB mics and recording apps that are available on every platform under the sun, we can start working on songs whenever we have a spare second or whenever inspiration hits. While this flexibility is one of the best things to happen to artists and bands who don’t always have the budget to pop into a big studio whenever inspiration strikes, it does come with its own special set of limitations and problems: namely, ensuring that your recordings are of high enough quality that you don’t have to spend too much time trying to re-record everything later or polishing a clump of mud during a mix.

Luckily, Kaotica has the perfect solution. The Kaotica Eyeball is a sound-dampening device that slips around a microphone in order to prevent coloration of a recording due to the room you’re in. Made of a high-density foam, the Kaotica Eyeball allows your tracks to sound as clean and clear as you need them to sound even if you’re in a room that is little more than an echo chamber. Instead of investing a ton of your hard-earned money in non-portable isolation booths or in acoustically treating an entire room, the Eyeball gives you the option to instead focus on buying better microphones, instruments, or software that will help you get your music out into the world.

The Kaotica Eyeball fits around any microphone and microphone shock-mounts and won’t negatively affect the operation or tonal characteristics of the microphone itself. Instead, you’ll hear what is being recorded as if it was tracked in an acoustically neutral space. This clean sound gives you many more options when it comes to a mix — no longer are you forced to work around or scrap a great take just because it doesn’t fit with the rest of a session.

When you use a Kaotica Eyeball, you’re joining a long list of professional and indie songwriters, producers, bands, and podcasters who have harnessed the freedom to record when and where they want without accepting less-than-perfect quality. The Eyeball is the only truly affordable, truly effective, truly portable way to acoustically treat any space that you’re in. Don’t be tied down to one room when you can make the entire planet your studio with the Kaotica Eyeball.

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