Creating Your Own Podcast in Four Steps

Podcasts are great ways to learn new information, enjoy friendly banter, and reach an audience in a relatively easy manner. You need minimal equipment and editing software, and you can have your podcast up on the web in less than 20 minutes! Our Kaotica Eyeball microphone accessory is perfect for podcasters because it helps to muffle background noise, compress sound, and optimize your speaking voice so it is clear and easy to understand. Make sure your podcast stands out from the rest by using the best equipment, including our Kaotica Eyeball microphone sound absorber.

Choose Your Subject Matter

What do you want to talk about? Gardening? Cooking? Ghost hunting? Whatever topic you’re interested in discussing, create an outline and make adequate notes before you start recording. If you’re a little worried about flow, listen to some popular podcasts and take notes on the speaker’s voice. Scripting your first few podcasts will help keep your awkward pauses to a minimum, and will help eliminate rabbit trails, which can be off-putting for new listeners. Make sure to also come up with some episode ideas for future podcasts so you can mention them in your podcast to get listeners can get excited for your next upload. A posting schedule can also help to keep you motivated and organized so you won’t leave your listeners hanging.

Choose Your Podcast Equipment

Browse the internet and you can easily get overwhelmed with equipment, microphones, and software. The four elements that you really only need for your podcast are a good microphone, a microphone sound absorber, a computer, and some form of recording software. If you have a Mac, you can use GarageBand to record your podcast. If you use a PC, there are several different free programs to choose from that are user-friendly. Don’t try using your computer’s microphone. The sound will be patchy and unless you’re right next to the microphone, you’ll have to shout to get your voice loud enough. You can purchase a good microphone for less than $100, and it will make your podcast sound much more professional. To decrease background sounds, a microphone sound absorber will do wonders for your overall sound quality. Our Kaotica Eyeball microphone sound absorber is a perfect addition to your podcasting kit. It’s easy to fit over most microphones, and it’s designed to decrease those pesky background sounds that can be distracting to your listeners. A normal laptop or desktop computer will be fine for the content you’re creating as long as it is powerful enough to run the recording software.

Record Your Podcast and Edit It

Record your podcast a couple of times, especially if you’re a little nervous. Listen to your first few takes and adjust accordingly. Sometimes when you’re nervous or excited, you can speak too quickly or forget to enunciate clearly. Getting comfortable with your speaking voice can help you to sound confident and excited to be sharing your thoughts with your audience. After you have a recording you like, edit it using the editing software you have on your computer. Since you’re using a microphone sound absorber like our Kaotica Eyeball, you won’t have to spend time taking out breath sounds or other unsavory background noises. When you’re satisfied with your podcast, then you’re ready to share it with your audience

Upload It

The easiest way to upload a podcast is on a blog, so create your own blog using Wordpress, Blogger, or any other platform you like. After you’ve created your podcast blog, then you can upload your final cut. Using an RSS feed link, put your podcast in a post, give it a title and a quick description, then click the publish button. Voila! You officially have a podcast. You can share the link to your followers on social media, and as you gain a following, maybe even create an official website down the road.

Becoming a podcaster doesn’t have to be intimidating. With a few equipment pieces and some great subject matter, you can become a podcaster easily and start sharing your thoughts with the world. Using our Kaotica Eyeball microphone sound absorber will ensure your sound is excellent and clear, and will cut down on editing time so you can post more podcasts. Get started building your podcast archive today!

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