Five Easy Steps to Recording Your Own Tracks

As an artist trying your hand at recording your own content, recording your first track can be daunting at first. Luckily, it’s easy to create your own home studio. Today, great music is recorded in bedrooms, garages, and basements. You can also take your recording on the road and know that with our Kaotica Eyeball microphone accessory, your music quality won’t be negatively affected by your surroundings. Many of our customers are on tour and still recording using our products and producing beautiful, original music. Here are some easy tips to follow when the ideas start flowing and you’re ready to record your first track.

Make Multiple Tracks of Your Piece

It’s easy to think that you can record your song in one take, but it always helps to have several tracks to pick and choose from. While you may think your take is perfect, listening to the playback may not be so pretty. Perhaps your microphone is too low or your instrument is too high in the mix. You may be off-key or your rhythm could be off. It always helps to have a selection of different takes to create the perfect song. For those long days in the studio, make sure to use our microphone accessory, the Kaotica Eyeball. Eliminate as many external problems as possible with the Kaotica Eyeball so you can concentrate on getting your performance right.

Record the Rhythm Section Separately

Whether your song has drums, bongos, djembe, piano, synths, or any other form of background instrument, be sure to record it separately. As the song progresses, it helps to have the rhythmic track on a different track so you can lay it under the melody track seamlessly and create an ideal track. Using our Kaotica Eyeball microphone accessory is a great way to record your rhythms accurately and beautifully. Since it fits most microphones, you can be sure that our accessory will be an excellent addition to everything that you record. It also is a great sound absorber, so if your recording studio is a little more ambient or reflective than you would like, it will help take those unwanted echoes out of recording drums or other instruments prone to boxiness.

Record the Melody

The star of your track, the melody, is the important element of the song. Record your melody several times. Knowing your rhythm is also important, so the more takes you have of your melody, the more comfortable your song will sound. Our Kaotica Eyeball microphone accessory is an wonderful addition to your home studio. It helps to bring the unique aspects of your voice out in its true beauty along with eliminating most of the frustrations of at-home recording. You can record your song and know that the playback quality will be excellent.

Put Everything Together

When you’re satisfied with the edited elements of your song, put it all together to create your final cut. This can be a little overwhelming as you get started but mixing your track is where your song can really come together. Since the Kaotica Eyeball compresses sound and brings out the simple beauty of your voice, your editing time won’t be as intensive as it might be with other microphone accessories. Essentially, you can edit your song as much or as little as you like. When you think it’s perfect, share it with the world.

The Kaotica Eyeball microphone accessory is the perfect addition to your studio, whether you’re a novice musician or a seasoned professional. You can be assured that our product will take your music recording to the next level and your talent will be displayed in its true form. Order your Kaotica Eyeball today and watch as your music production quality reaches a higher grade.

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