Concentrate on the personality of your voice

Having the Eyeball gives your agent or production house a clean recording by controlling the acoustics of the space that you’re in. Whether you’re recording in a hotel room or your home, the engineer working on your track can spend more time making your commercial spot, instead of fixing a voice. Your agent no longer fears that an audition will be turned down due to poor quality. You can now concentrate on your auditions and not on building pillow forts…unless you really want to

As a voice actor, Stacey J is always on the go and consistently doing auditions. She’s currently the face of Disney’s® resort TV and has recorded commercials for Toyota®, McDonald’s and Clairol® among others. Stacey, alongside her co-host Chuck Duran, host an online show VO Buzz Weekly, where they interview voice-overs big and small, bringing a face to the voice.

After using the Kaotica Eyeball for over a year, Stacey finds that her agents are consistently booking her gigs. When we asked her why, she said “wherever I am, I can count on the Eyeball to give me consistency in my auditions. I can also use my studio mics on the road as if I was at home.”