Will my microphone fit?

The Kaotica Series has 5 models tailored for different microphones.  

1. The original Kaotica Eyeball fits most side-address microphones with long/short-bodies within a diameter of 38mm to 57mm or 1.50” to 2.25”.

2. The Kaotica Fatboy is modified to accommodate larger diameter side-address microphones with long/ short bodies within a diameter of 63mm to 95mm or 2.50” to 3.75”. 

3. The Kaotica 7b is designed for front-address microphones typically used in podcasting and live radio applications.  Specifically. It will accommodate a diameter between 38mm to 57mm or 1.50” to 2.25” including the Shure SM7b. 

4. The Kaotica 800C is designed specifically for high-end tube microphones, such as the Golden Age and Sony 800 series.

5. The Kaotica Live is tailored for front address and shotgun microphones primarily used in live performances and recording instruments.  The most common fits include the Shure SM57, Shure SM58, and Sennheiser MKH 416.

To confirm compatibility, use our microphone search tool on our site. If you can't find your microphone listed, email us at customer@kaoticalife.com.

Does my Kaotica purchase include a microphone, microphone stand, or shock-mount?

No, Kaotica is a microphone accessory and does not include a microphone, microphone stand, or shock-mount.

Why does my recording seem amplified with Kaotica?

Kaotica is engineered to concentrate your vocal sound directly into the microphone, enhancing the richness and volume of your recording. This might cause your output to seem louder. For optimal recording levels, you may need to adjust the input gain or the gain settings of your microphone, software, or interface, especially if you're using a USB microphone.

How does the Kaotica affect my mixing and mastering process?

Kaotica simplifies your mixing and mastering process by isolating the microphone and reducing ambient noise. This results in cleaner, uncolored vocals, reducing the need for extensive post-production editing and equalization, allowing your vocals to shine naturally.

I've tried my Kaotica, but it's not sounding as expected. What can I do?

The Kaotica line is engineered to provide a distinct isolation for your microphone, capturing the full range of your vocal spectrum. However, due to variations in recording spaces, you might experience different results. Here are some tips to optimize your sound quality:

Ensure that you're directing your voice into the Kaotica.
Center your Kaotica and microphone within your recording area. This allows for better dissipation of sound and minimizes room reflections.
Be aware that the Kaotica may amplify your voice due to its design. You may need to adjust your input gain or the settings on your USB microphone or interface.
Consider making minor modifications if your recording space isn't ideal (e.g., rooms with bare floors or walls, concrete spaces, etc.). A simple addition like a rug under your microphone stand can make a difference.
Experiment with the distance between you and your Kaotica to get the best sound. 

Remember, total elimination of all room reflections is impossible, even in top-tier studios. Kaotica, however, significantly reduces the need for room treatment by minimizing these unwanted reverberations.

Why won't my microphone screw into its shock-mount when using Kaotica?

Certain short-bodied microphones like the TLM 103, when encased in a Kaotica product, may not be able to attach to their respective shock-mounts. In this case, your Kaotica product will sit decoupled from the shock-mount, but it will still be stable.

For shock-mounts equipped with elastic grip systems, such as those commonly sold with Audio Technica microphones, you'll need to remove the elastic bands and center attachment within the shock-mount. Once you do this, your Kaotica will rest on the frame of the shock-mount, remaining decoupled yet secure.

Can Kaotica be used with instruments or is it strictly for vocals?

Kaotica is designed to enhance the recording quality of microphones, whether used for vocals or instruments. The different models of Kaotica accommodate a wide variety of microphones that are each used for distinct recording purposes. While Kaotica is commonly used for vocal recordings, it can also be highly effective for recording musical instruments when paired with the right microphone. It's always crucial to choose the correct Kaotica model to match your specific microphone to ensure optimal performance.

Why do some artists choose to use more than one pop filter?

The Kaotica products come with a custom-fitted silicone pop filter. However, every artist has a unique sound and might have specific preferences when it comes to recording. Some might choose to use an additional pop filter or replace Kaotica's pop filter with their own to fine-tune their sound. If an additional pop filter is used, it should be placed directly against the front opening of the Kaotica for optimal results.

Can my content be featured on your social media platforms?

Absolutely! Our Kaotica community thrives on the diverse talents and creativity of our artists, and we truly appreciate all content made with our products. You're more than welcome to share your photos with us, and we'll make our best efforts to showcase them on our platforms. However, please note that we generally don't post videos unless they've been created by our own Kaotica marketing team.

How do I clean my Kaotica?

To clean your Kaotica, we recommend gently using a sticky lint roller, as the foam naturally attracts dust and debris. For more stubborn stains, dampen a non-abrasive, lint-free cloth and gently rub the area. Remember to avoid soaking the foam, and always let it air dry thoroughly. As for the pop filter, it's now dishwasher safe. Just remove it from your Kaotica, place it in your dishwasher, and let it dry fully before reattaching. This convenience helps ensure your pop filter stays clean, maintaining the best sound quality for your recordings.

What is your shipping policy, and when can I expect my order?

Please allow for up to 2 business days to process your order. All orders go through a customer verification process, so please make sure your address and profile information are accurate to avoid shipping delays. If we suspect fraud, we may refuse your purchase.

For North America, standard shipping takes 3-5 business days. For worldwide orders, shipping may take 7-10 business days.

We ship orders on business days (Monday-Friday, excluding holidays) via FedEx from Canada. We do not ship to PO boxes.

Please note that orders placed outside of North America might be subject to import duties, taxes, and fees, which aren't included in Kaotica’s product pricing. These additional costs are the buyer's responsibility. We recommend checking with your local customs office to understand any potential costs upon delivery.

While we strive to provide the most accurate delivery time, the stated delivery dates on tracking details are estimates. Delays due to weather, customs clearance, or inaccurate information are beyond Kaotica’s control, and we are not obligated to refund any shipping fees charged to the customer.

What is your Return and Exchange Policy?

If you're not completely satisfied with your Kaotica purchase, you can request a refund or exchange within 30 days of receiving your order. However, please note that the item must be returned in the original packaging and must be in a new condition. Any items showing visible wear won't be eligible for return or exchange and will be sent back to the customer at their own cost.

Due to hygienic reasons, we don't accept returns or exchanges for individual pop filter purchases. These are considered final sale.

To initiate a return or exchange, please email us at customer@kaoticalife.com. We'll provide a prepaid shipping label and return instructions. Please ensure to return your items within 7 business days after receiving the return instructions. Returns received after this period won't be eligible for a refund.
Once we receive and inspect your item, we'll notify you via email and process your refund. It may take up to 5 business days for the credit to be applied to your account. Please note that original shipping fees are not refundable.

What is your Warranty Policy?

At Kaotica, we stand by the quality of our products. Therefore, we provide a warranty for a period of 90 days from the date of your original retail purchase. This warranty assures that the product you purchase from us is free from physical defects in both materials and workmanship, under normal and correct usage.

However, it's important to note that this warranty does not extend to any damage resulting from misuse, abuse, or unauthorized modifications of the product. Additionally, regular wear and tear of the pop filter, as well as any issues arising from the removal of the pop filter or the insertion and removal of the microphone, are not covered under this warranty.

Can I cancel or change my order after it's been placed?

Once an order has been placed, we process it immediately to ensure prompt delivery. However, if your order has not yet been shipped, we might be able to cancel it. Please email us immediately at customer@kaoticalife.com if you need to cancel. We cannot guarantee the cancellation, but we will do our best to assist you.

What should I do if I'm having trouble placing my order?

If you're encountering difficulties while placing an order, first verify that all your information is correctly filled in and that you meet the requirements for your chosen payment option. If you continue to experience problems, please reach out to your financial institution to check for any potential blocks on your account.

After order confirmation, you'll receive an email acknowledgment. A second email with tracking details will follow once your order is shipped. Please note that we do not accept orders via phone.

Why am I seeing multiple charges on my account?

The multiple charges you're noticing are likely duplicate pending charges that are in the process of being authorized by your financial institution. When you make an online purchase with your credit card, your bank initially places a hold on your account to verify the funds for the transaction. Once your transaction is processed, this preauthorized hold should be lifted within a few business days. Rest assured; no additional funds will be withdrawn from your account. For any further concerns or clarifications, we recommend reaching out to your financial institution.

I paid via PayPal eCheck. Why is my order processing delayed?

When you pay via PayPal eCheck, it essentially operates as an electronic funds transfer from your bank account to our PayPal account. These transactions can take up to 7 business days to clear. As a safety measure, we only process and ship orders after the eCheck has successfully cleared.

In the event that an eCheck bounces, PayPal will attempt to reprocess the payment in 3 business days. The clearing process may then take up to another 7 business days.

For more detailed information on PayPal eCheck, please refer to their official guidelines here.