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We All Live Chaotic Lives and We Find Peace in Music.

That’s the Kaotica philosophy. Kaotica’s origins trace back to 2010 when company architect Konrad watched his friend try to build a home studio to no avail.

Acoustics remain one of the most expensive aspects of recording. That’s not just in terms of materials, but rather the necessary knowledge required to properly optimize an acoustical space. You typically see people use sound-insulating foam or rigging up all kinds of tricks that can sometimes even worsen the quality. So, we sought a solution that would speak to this gap of acoustical knowledge. The Eyeball is a professional-quality audio noise filter designed for artists recording in sub-par environments. We aim to preserve the same consistency with either a home studio microphone or a professional microphone.

People spend millions, year after year, building their own studios to mirror the environments we see on television. You don’t necessarily need the professional recording studio equipment of Electric Ladyland or Abbey Road Studios to sound professional, though. With the right tools, i.e. laptop, software, microphone, and relatively contained room, you can capture high-quality vocals with the Kaotica Eyeball.

We’ve spent years tweaking and perfecting the design to create a portable, affordable, stylish, and intuitive product perfect for both the industry’s top engineers or a new musician recording their first track in his or her bedroom. Our efforts culminated in the creation of the Eyeball in 2012.

The response was overwhelming with artists raving about the Eyeball and its benefits. To date, everyone from Lady Antebellum to Greyson Chance and Grammy Award®-winning, multi-platinum super-producer David Hodges has utilized the Eyeball for recordings.

Now, it’s available to everyone! No you can sing and capture your voice as it was always meant to be heard.

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