About Us

Kaotica is about creating artistic freedom. The freedom to capture professional quality recordings anywhere and anytime you feel the creative spark. We created the Eyeball as a portable vocal booth you can set up in seconds and acoustically treat any space so that you can express your pure voice as it was meant to be heard.

At Kaotica, we believe that music is love. Love builds connection. Connection builds community.

We envision a global community where all creators; musicians and writers, engineers and producers, voiceover talent, podcasters, film makers and fans alike all come together to connect and share their talents, their wisdom, their stories, their struggles and their triumphs. A collaborative community that inspires and challenges one another to go further and put great art out into the world. We call this world Kaoticalife.  

We are all artists, each with a unique voice. We’re here to help you capture yours.

One Love